The Fruits of the Spirit | Pastor Mike Aldred | Trinity Presbyterian Church Hamilton | July-26-2020

Worship at home for July 26th, 2020

Pastor Mike is the Minister at Erskine Presbyterian Church. Live sermons of Erskine church can be found by clicking on the link:

In our Sermons by Popular Demand, we look at part 2 of Gifts of the Spirit vs. The Fruits of the Spirit. The scripture for this week is taken from Galatians 5: 13-26 where we get to learn more about the Fruits of the Spirit.

Every Christian goes through this spiritual warfare between the flesh and the spirit. Sometimes we do not know even know why do we do those things
that we do not want to do. We see Paul talking about this in the book of Romans, there is a conflict that is waged inside us. We face a struggle within our nature. The one word that Paul talks about in the scripture called "Flesh". When you hear that word, Paul is talking about the sinful desires that we are born with because of the fall at the very beginning. When Paul talks about the flesh he means the sinful nature,
there are some things that are built into us.

For example, you do not have to teach a young child to lie as it is built into us and it is something that we inherit. We all naturally gravitate to things that our flesh desires as we have this in us from birth.
As Christian, we are all going to fall short but we can try to sinless.

What are we going to do to make sure to we do not just possess the gift of the Fruits?
What do we learn about possessing the Fruits of the Spirit and in what way can we implement them in our life?
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Organist/Choir Director: Gordon Cleland
Praise Worship Leader: Stephanie Deshane

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Order of Service:
0:00 Service Begins
0:01 Prelude
0:53 Welcome and Announcements
02:06 Praise Song: Lord I Need You
06:07: Hymn: Joyful, joyful we adore you
09:09 Call To Worship
11:26 Responsive Reading
13:50 Sermon Begins
17:25 Scripture Reading
19:17 Sermon Continues
32:36 Praise Song: Sorry God
38:03 Hymn: This is my Father's world
40:31 Benediction
41:19 Final Song: Go Now In Peace
42:45 Postlude

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