20200621 FBJ Video #2 -- Fred's nice 22" striper at Long Bar on 21 June 2020 at 6:49AM

We had trolled from Island Dock all the way down to Orgy Corner and Orgy Shelf, where we saw some big fish in the shallows but couldn't catch them. So we continued on downriver to Long Bar, where I got the only fish caught along there (though we did get some trolling on our way down to that place). We then stopped down there to have some sandwiches and wait for the tide to turn and start coming in, and then we paddled our way upriver and trolled through the Y Pool where we got some fish, continuing onward upriver through ByPass Hole and then into Heavenly Hole (getting some fish along the way), and as we were coming out of Heavenly Hole onto the flat below Clammers Bar we spooked about 20 fish out of the shallows so we stopped there to try for those fish without any success. Then we tried the mouth of Dean Channel, and I got a few fish there but the real gold mine was up in the Kitchen where we all caught a lot of fish! It was an amazing day, with almost no wind for the entire trip except at its very end...
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